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CSUF Welcomes You to the (Virtual) 14th Annual C-WESS

An in-person conference is canceled due to COVID-19, but we will still hold a virtual poster session. Save the Date

Content available May 1st, 2020.


Conference Center: CSUF Titan Student Union
Campgrounds: Chino Hills State Park Rolling M Ranch Campgrounds
Note: Camping not available this year.

Workshop Locale

Workshop Information

Abstract Submissions
The deadline for event registration and poster abstract submission is April 17th. To register for the event and submit a poster abstract, please:
  1. complete the registration poll, and
  2. follow the "Flash Introduction" instructions below to submit a PowerPoint slide for the flash introduction session to (PENDING) this dropbox folder . Like every year, registration for C-WESS is free.
Flash Introduction!
If you did not attend C-WESS last year, or if you wish to update your photo or keywords from last year, please create a power point slide with a photo of yourself and several keywords that represent your research. Here is a sample flash slide, and your campus representative can provide more information on flash introductions. Submit your slides to this dropbox folder: http://www.dropbox.com/request/G43j3YnuYWrBZ7Abwvok
Schedule Highlights!
Transportation and Student Reimbursement
We expect to be able to provide partial or full reimbursement of travel expenses for students who carpool to the meeting. Reimbursements will be provided to the drivers of cars based on mileage traveled. Preference will be given to those who come with full cars and provide transportation for other students. Carpooling also maximizes the reimbursements we can provide, since they will be divided among fewer individuals. Since many of you may be uncertain about your travel details at this time, further information about reimbursements will be distributed at a later date.


2019 Program.pdf


No PDF published yet... check back soon.

And What Do We Evolutionists Talk About?

Helen Fisher Steven Pinker Charles Darwin

Throughout evolution, ostracism was death indeed.

~ Helen Fisher

Evolution is an indispensable component of any satisfying explanation of our psychology.

~ Steven Pinker

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.

~ Charles Darwin

About Us

C-Wess: we're an interdisciplinary group of evolutionary scientists

This is a free conference open to all students, postdocs, and faculty interested in applying evolutionary theory to research in the social sciences. C-WESS is known for its abundant opportunities for networking, and its diversity of theoretical approaches.
You know, we all meet annually to discuss our works regarding Evolution.

With This Year's Campus Reps

to whom the success of our group depends

Aaron Blackwell UCSB
Theo Samore UCLA
Kotrina Kajokaite UCLA
Lisa McAllister UCSB
Nicole Naar UC Davis
Elizabeth Pillsworth CSU Fullerton
Bianca Figueras CSU Fullerton
Eric Schniter Chapman University
Matthew Zefferman Naval Postgraduate School
Michael Barlev ASU
Stacey Rucas Cal Poly

Made Possible by Dedicated Sponsors

  • UCD, Division of Social Sciences
  • UCLA Center for Behavior, Evolution & Culture
  • UCSB, Department of Anthropology
  • Chapman University
  • Cal Poly Social Sciences
  • CSUF, Anthropology & Psychology

C-Wess Poster Awards

1st Place 2014
Alexandra Greenwald

For "Stable isotope measures of childhood diet and foraging in prehistoric Central California"

2nd Place 2014
Matthew Gervais

For "Attitudes regulate enduring relationships: Evidence from RICH economic games in Fiji"

1st Place 2013
Kristin Rauch

For "Too many men: The violence problem?"

2nd Place 2013
Susan Talcott

For "Conflict continuity: Reconstructing trade in Colusa county using obsidian XRF"

1st Place 2012: E. Pillsworth & Jaclyn Ross for "Sexual strategies in pregnant women"
2nd Place 2012: Ryan Schacht for "Explaining sex roles in humans: sex ratio effects in Southwestern Guyana"


We highly recommend the camping, btw

It's survival of the fittest out there... the location of your nest is important!

Option 1: Camping

Camping, this year at campgrounds Chino Hills State Park Rolling M Ranch, is a popular option for attendees at the workshop. The main camping fee is being covered by our sponsors.

This year we have reserved campsites for Friday and Saturday nights, May 1st - 3rd, 2020. Check-in time is 2pm.

Campsite Registration

If you wish to camp (again, FREE!), please indicate such on the workshop registration website:
Workshop Registration

Campsite Location

Chino Hills State Park, Rolling M Ranch
PDF Map of Campsite
Google Map of Campsite

Campsite Locale

Option 2: Hotel

Since individuals have different preferences, we have not reserved a specific hotel for the conference. However, here are some recommendations for those who do not wish to camp:

Closest to Conference Site:
  • Fullerton Marriott at California State University, 2701 Nutwood Ave, Fullerton, CA 92831
  • Pending
  • Pending
Cheapest nearby are:
  • Pending
  • Pending
  • Pending
For a detailed list on nearby accommodations, please click here.